1970s Boys 70s Fancy Dress Ideas

The 70s saw the rise of many historic events. Legendary films such as The Godfather, Star Wars and Jaws. Not to mention Elton John, Bob Marley and The Bee-Gees! The 70s saw the end of the Vietnam war and sideburns came back in fashion along with platform shoes. The disco years were coming to an end and Afros were all the rage. Only in the 70s would you get away with such crazy Styles and a mix of fashion so Polish your Disco Ball and get ready to Boogie all night long in our range of Fabulous Boys 70's inspired Costumes and Accessories. Guys get a suit with huge Flares and a pair of Bell Bottom Flares for all that spinning on the Dance floor ! Don't forget a big Medallion and a Hairy Chest if your not already blessed with one. Ladies think Car wash , Shiny Catsuits ,Huge Colourful Afros and big Jewellery. Platform Boots and Shoes and Funky Tights , Maybe a Flick wig if you fancy yourself as an Abba Singer .Other accessories include Cyber Disco wigs , Glitter Microphones , Star shape Glasses for those budding Elton Johns and Thunderbirds for that 70's Tv Theme. Browse our selection below for more ideas.