Fancy Dress Ideas

Having problems thinking of a fancy dress idea? View our fancy dress ideas list below to get more inspiration and ideas. We have thousands of fancy dress costumes available for whatever theme you choose. You can choose from funny fancy dress ideas, group fancy dress ideas or themed party ideas. And remember we have free UK delivery on orders over £50!

Wild West Party Ideas Choose from our massive range of Cowboy and Indian costumes, or buy one of our fantastic western accessories such as an Indian head dress or cowboy hat.
Hat Party Ideas We have 100's of Hats to choose from, try one of our Gangster hats, pimp hat or even a Pirate hat. Coming in many colours and shapes there is sure to be something to suit your needs.
Hawaiian Party Ideas We have access to a full range of Hula costumes and Garlands. Loads of Hawaiian skirts in all colours and sizes even inflatable Palm Trees.
Gangster & Moll Party Spats, White Braces and a Trilby Gangster Hat is all you need to look the part or choose one of our many other Gangster costumes and accessories.
Colour Themes Party Red and yellow and pink and...well, you get the idea. Having a party where everyone has to wear a certain colour is a great idea.
Horror Party Ideas Not only great for Halloween, why not have a Zombie party or Vampires only. You can even decorate the room from our range of scary accessories and fake body parts.
Back To School Party Remember the days back in the old school yard, the fun we used to have! Why does that sound familiar? Teachers, school girls even the cane. We have lots of school party ideas for you.
Egyptian Party Ideas Become the Queen of the Nile or the next greatest Pharaoh. We stock a massive range of Egyptian costumes, accessories and wigs.
Punk Party Ideas Head back to the late 70's and early 80's with our range of Punk related costumes, studded chokers and Mohican wigs.
1920's Party Ideas Gangsters, Flappers and Zoot suits, we have it all. Choose from a full 1920's costume or build your own with our range of Ties, Stockings, Hats, Shoes and much more.
1950's Party Ideas Do you remember what a “DA” is? Then this theme is for you, choose from Teddy boys, Polka Dot dresses and Greaser wigs.
1960's Party Ideas An era that needs no introduction! Let go and mellow out by choosing one of our Hippie costumes, psychedelic dresses, Shift Dresses or anything from our stock of Hippy accessories and wigs.
1970's Party Ideas Pimps, Bling and huge Afros says everything about the 70's. We have one of the largest ranges of Pimp costumes and accessories online in the UK.
1980's Party Ideas From Leg warmers and Neon gloves to Mullet wigs and Adam ant costumes. We know you will find something to wear to your 80's party.
Animal Party Ideas Probably one of the funniest party themes is this one. Imagine your living room full of people dressed up as Pigs, Frogs or Tigers.
Sci-Fi Party Ideas Space, the final frontier, or so they say. Choose from Alien costumes and masks, Ray guns and Alien Putty. Something a bit different for everyone.
Allo Allo Party Ideas Listen carefully, I shall say this only once...Oh Rene! If you're looking for French maids and German soldier costumes, this is the place to be.
Vicars & Tarts Party The classics are sometimes the best. We have Vicars, Popes, Cardinals and Monks, not to mention a Tart or two.
Pimp Party Ideas We have one of the largest ranges of Pimp Bling jewellery and costumes available online. Everything from Pimp hats to Pimp shoes and all that's in between.
Superhero Party Is it a bird, is it a plane NO, it's our range of Super Hero costumes. Batman, Superman, Spiderman plus many more.
Doctors & Nurses Party We have an amazing range of Nurses costumes for all sizes, not to mention our Surgeons costumes and accessories.
Pirate Party Ideas Aye Aye Cap'n...Shiver me timbers (whatever a timber is). We have over 100 Pirate costumes and accessories available to buy online.
Medieval Party Ideas Back to the days of olde with our range of medieval costumes. Choose from Robin Hood, Maid Marion to Merlin and the Muskateers.
Wig Party Ideas Probably the largest range of wigs available anywhere in the UK! You will be spoilt for choice.