Fancy Dress Beards & Tashes

Do you fancy a beard or tash? Rewind: what kind of beard or tash do you fancy? You may not be able to grow the exact one you want, but you can always get Fancy Dress Beards & Tashes. These beards and tashes will transform the way you look and make you stand out from the crowd. Feeling like bringing the 70’s back? Or perhaps you want that sophisticated look of a Frenchman scholar. Whatever look you desire, you can choose from any of hundreds of styles and designs: pirate’s beard, seventies tash, Chinese beard, Dali moustache, Mexican bandit tash, Arab beard, and Chaplin moustache, among many more. These Fancy Dress Beards & Tashes come in diverse shapes and sizes. They also have superb adhesive, so you do not have to worry about embarrassing accidents. Ladies also have a vast range of fancy dresses to choose from. Designs and styles vary, and you are guaranteed to find one for any setting: cos-play, Christmas, winter, and Halloween, among others.

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