1950s - Boys 50s Fancy Dress Ideas

Welcome to our Boys 1950's section . A wonderful time of Rock and Roll. Fabulous Hair dos , Shiny Cadillac's and the best Milkshakes in your Local Hangout Diner .Jiving away to a Buddy Holly Gig and Generally looking like the Fonz or even Sandy from Grease . With Big Polka Dot Skirts , Flyaway Glasses and Poodle Socks to Flick Combs ,Big Quiff Wigs and Dark shades for the Teddy Boys . Those who Fancy being Roy Orbison. You will be ready to Rock around the Clock. When the Clock strikes 12 you simply will not be ready to go home ! A great theme for many Parties and some good ideas for even The Famous Goodwood revival Festival.Why not go out in a group of Pink Ladies Jackets and accessories for a Birthday or Hen Do . Browse our selection below for more inspiration.

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