Boys Vicars Nuns Fancy Dress Ideas

Is your little tyke in need of prayer? You have come to the right section, welcome to the world where you can change your little guy into a monk- Boys Vicars Nuns Fancy Dress Ideas. Introducing the horrible Histories Holy Monk Dress Costume, where religious meets ominous. Clad like a cross between Friar Tuck and Obi-wan-Kenobi, this monk outfit uses a neutral mushroom shade of brown as the color palette. The finish is velvety and mink, slightly textured to the touch like a soft knit corduroy. Accent banding is present around the waist, cuffs are wide and bell shaped for added dramatic flair during midnight prayer sessions. This monk costume also has a hood, to shield the eyes from evil and keep glances away in a dark and downward gaze. For added emphasis from our Boys Vicars Nuns Fancy Dress Ideas section, choose the Ornate Cross Pendant for added emphasis.

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