Girls Cops & Robbers Fancy Dress Ideas

Welcome to the marvelous section where little ones can engage in civilian combat and join the SWAT team! Cops and Robbers is important to every playing child’s imagination. Here at girls cops & robbers fancy dress ideas, a variety of court-related objects will help transform your child's imagination into reality. A popular item from our line is the Child Size Inflatable SWAT Vest Accessory. Done in all black, this official looking vest is inflated and has light padding. Designed to represent an actual Kevlar vest, the letters SWAT are boldly printed across the front warning potential criminals to halt their evil and insidious activities. Also available at girls cops & robbers fancy dress ideas is a good old-fashioned pistol. Take aim at your child's role-playing time and encourage their imagination to fly free with this realistic piece of craftsmanship.

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