1970s - Ladies 70s Fancy Dress Ideas

It was the era of Elton John, The Bee-Gees, Star Wars and Abba, so there's no wonder 1970s style was so weird and wonderful! Disco was in full swing, with huge afros, impressive platform boots and oversized flares all in high demand. Huge handlebar moustaches were also all the rage, particularly when combined with giant collared shirts and blingy gold medallions. And don't forget that suave 70s shirts were always unbuttoned to reveal a hairy chest - we have plenty of ways to fake it if you're lacking in that department! If you're inspired by music, there are plenty of classic 70s pop and rock stars to imitate, including the Village People, Hendrix and Elton John with his glorious wigs and outrageous glasses. Or for timeless 70s heartthrob appeal, opt for a floppy mullet wig and a simple shirt and flares combo to emulate the likes of the Bee-Gees or Abba's Björn and Benny.

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