Ladies Drag Fancy Dress Ideas

Outrageous glamor and stunning hair pieces define the category of ladies drag fancy dress ideas. Captivate your audience with deluxe Feather Plume eyelashes, delicately fluttering as you sip a glass of wine while you slowly sashay down the staircase. Gentle roll the entire stocking down, insert toes, and pull-up slowly around the waist. These are the steps to putting on a fabulous pair of naughty thigh high stockings, Lace Top Fishnet Thigh Highs. Channeling your inner goddess is the theme of these glorious accessories. Consider the Rhianna Wig, long luscious auburn curls float delicately down your back and tease your shoulders. Centered with a part down the middle, the Rhianne wig oozes sensuality and femininity in a mix of lowlights and highlights. For a darker mood, try the Fever Tanja Wig in Black. Sleek bangs and glossy hair scream vixen on the loose, available at ladies drag fancy dress ideas.

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