Ladies Music Fancy Dress Ideas

Where would we be without Music or music fancy dress costumes? It has the power to make us smile , and bring us to all types of tears . It can carry us back in time, and inspire us to dance in the moment.For all our happiest days there is Music. Whatever genre you need or fancy we have something to cover it from Punk Rockers, Rock n Roll, Pop, Soul and Disco. Even Characters like Elvis, Marylin Amy Winehouse and Freddie Mercury Great icons for Music , Dead Famous and Stars themes. Get in the swing of the sixties with our Sergeant Pepper costumes . Take on the Disco Floor with some Saturday Night Fever Costumes 1970s and be a Rebel of the 1980s with our various Madonna Style Costumes. You sure not to be disappointed. Add Fabulous wigs , Lace Gloves Glitter Microphones and a choice of inflatables like Ghetto Blasters and Guitars. Crucial for playing Air Guitar. Browse our selection below.

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