1950s - Men's 50s Fancy Dress Ideas

Welcome to the page where we flashback to the 1950’s! Doo-wap your way through the party in a costume that reflects major Buddy Holly memories, the Teddy Boy Fancy Costume. Our 1950s - Men's 50s Fancy Dress Ideas are ready to bring that upcoming event to life. Are these happy days for the Fonzie fan? Consider a Happy Days style college Lettermen jacket. Ultra-authentic, our jacket features raglan paneling with contrasting shades of red and white. Colored snaps line the vertical closure and diagonal pocket slashes flank the sides. Collar and hem sports an athletic looking horizontal stripe pattern. Complete your look with various accessories at the 1950s - Men's 50s Fancy Dress Ideas section. Add wigs that reflect popular hair styles of the time- complete with beehive hairdos and bushy sideburns.

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