1960s - Men's 60s Fancy Dress Ideas

Peace, love and happiness dudes! Take a stroll down memory land and usher in 1960s - Men's 60s Fancy Dress Ideas. Pay homage to the disco dancing, weed smoking, t-shirt tie dying generation. Get your groove on with the 3D Tee Shirt Hippie man outfit. Playfully tailored, this costume features a blue and aquamarine hued tie dye print. Bordering both edges is a tan shade hippie vest- complete with happy face embroidered patches. Play in the realm of music festivals, afros, and 1960s - Men's 60s Fancy Dress Ideas. Our Woodstock Hippie man fancy dress costume is composed of wide flared bell bottoms, tapestry adorned disco vest with neutral suede fringe and white tunic with bell sleeves. Complete your hippie outfit with the matching hippie accessories. Wear rose shade spectacles and a pastel print scarf tied around your afro wig for the perfect finishing touches. Mens fancy dress.

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