Men's Burlesque Fancy Dress Ideas

Channel your inner showman and celebrate your favorite cross-dressing character in real life! Why should kids be the only ones to dress up and play? A costume as a woman allows you to let loose your inner female. Delight in all the feminine playthings that we have to offer at men's burlesque fancy dress ideas. Long gloves are useful in general and nothing says burlesque like slowly peeling off a glove and laying it seductively across your shoulder while you wink at your gazing admirers. We have many different shades of gloves to coordinate with whichever dress you choose. Eyelashes are an essential accessory for planned Burlesque projects and here at men's Burlesque fancy dress ideas, we have long feathered, colored lashes to frame eyes and match outfits. Pantyhose is also available in a variety of shades and textures.

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