Men's Cops & Robbers Fancy Dress Ideas

You will be calling for Back up with some of our Cops and Robbers costumes. A Variety of of regular and Sexy outfits for both male and Female. Get them to stick their hands up with our Police officers and keep them in check with some Metal Handcuffs and a Plastic Batons. Be part of a sexy Swat team in a Swat Officer Costume , you will have them feeling guilty for something they haven't done "no comment" .Break your chains and free yourself to dance away in our selection of Convicts and Robbers , don't forget your Ball and Chains .All of which are great for Occupation , what i want to be when i grow up , Hen , Stag Film and TV Theme or just for fun ,the list is endless . There is Cute Children's Costumes too they just love to dress up as Police Officers , Swat Team members and even a Victorian style Police officer perfect for Victorian day at School.

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