Men's Pimp Fancy Dress Ideas

Roam the streets assaulting prostitutes and collecting their earnings with an obnoxious smile on your face wearing our favorite selections for men's pimp fancy dress ideas. Channel the energy of the street life with loud colors and exaggerated tailoring. Match vibrant prints with rarely work shades to embody the favorite character of our real world…the pimp. Consider the outlandish Big Daddy Costume, one of our most popular selections discussed here at men's pimp fancy dress ideas. A heavy black overcoat with wild animal safari print decorates the hat brim, undershirt and coat lapels. The wide tall hat is sure to get the conversation started- our creative accessories will make your ensemble truly complete. The Goodfella suit is done in a bright shiny pink with a contrast black bowler hat....all outfits scream “give me your money!”

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