Men's Roman Fancy Dress Ideas

Embrace the gladiator inside and fight Roman soldiers on a trip back to the Roman Empire. Here at Men's Roman Fancy Dress Ideas, we have the pieces to complete your Roman costume puzzle. Whether going for a sexy gladiator or gladiator captain, the sheer array of Roman themed costumes will blow you away. Try the Black Roman gladiator costume, tastefully done in hues of black, brown and red. The armor is authentically simulated, forged with gold-tone embossed detailing and scrollwork adorning the breast plates and skirted lower bib. A red cape drapes regally down your back as you lower your sword while entering the coliseum. To suit the sexy gladiator types we have the Gladiator Armband costume. Flex your rippling muscles as your entire top half is nude in this topless rendition of a costume favorite. Allow Men's Roman Fancy Dress Ideas to bring your costume dream to life!

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