Men's Vicars Nuns Fancy Dress Ideas

Become a holy bishop proudly perched upon his precipice, holding holy scripture in hand with candlelight flickering off the deep red velvet tones of his cardinal hat. Engage your Men's Vicars & Nuns Fancy Dress Ideas here at a wonderful site dedicated to helping you find your perfect religious garb. Is a humble monk that meditates all day and gathers berries at night your cup of tea? Wear the demurely fashioned Monk fancy dress costume. A floor length monks robe with attached brown hood is adorned with a replica holy wooden cross and simple knot rope belt. Are you a priest presiding over a romantic wedding of a doe-eyed bride and groom? Adorn the Priest Costume available at Men's Vicars & Nuns Fancy Dress Ideas. The outfit is noble and religious-looking in appearance. Profess to be a man of the cloth dressed in floor length black and matching priest hat.

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