Clowns Fancy Dress

You either find them adorable or plain Scary whether its all year around or for Halloween we have a colourful array of Clowns for both Adults and Children . Dress them up with bright Afro wigs , Face paint kits, squeaky noses, Bald Caps , Bowler Hats and ,Squirty Flowers for added fun add Jumbo Clown shoes to complete the look , you cannot go over the top with Clowns .Or if its just a Scary Clown Mask or a simple Black and White Clown for a Perriot Clown your after then we have those too .So put a smile on your face and entertain the kids . Dress up for a Charity Event like Comic Relief or be a Scary Clown from a Big Screen Film . Get the kids to dress up too , they can have so much fun with clowns . paint their faces and give them a Horn to drive the party host mad . Either way they shall be guaranteed to have some fun !

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