Legends and Myths Fancy Dress

Get drawn into a world of Myths and Legends in this section. Atlantis , Mythical Greece , Goblins and Magicians are a few to get your imagination going.Let your mind go wild in conjuring up your own folktale Characters Whether its for a Myths and Legends Party or TV and Film .Maybe you fancy yourself as King Arthur from the 5th and 6th Century he was a brave man but also a Romantic. You will be ready to defend your Kingdom. Zeus the Ultimate Greek God.Zeus was the Greek god of the sky and thunder, known for his fiery temperament and limitless powers. What about a Spartan Queen from the Film 300 for the Ladies in a Greek Goddess Costume.We have many accessories like Mythical headpieces with Hair and Peter Pan Hats for all your Plays and Parties . Browse the section below for more inspiration.