Ninja Fancy Dress

Adults and Children alike love Ninjas. Whether you fancy being a Character like the ones in Mortal Combat (1990's) battling for his Family and being a Deadly Assassin. Or you could be Shinobi a Video Game Character from the 80's You really will feel like you are battling in the Mountains of Japan. Fancy being Ken Masters from the iconic 80s Game then go for our Red Kung Fu Martial arts Costume.ladies there's no need to feel left out you too can be a Ninja! Our fantastic range of Children's Ninjas will definitely not disappoint those budding Warriors.A huge variety of styles and colours to suit every taste they will sure to be the Ultimate Formidable Warrior .Great for Parties , Role Play World Book Day and Sci Fi Themes too . Be sure to add your Samurai Swords , Nunchuks and Daggers to complete the look

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