Roald Dahl Fancy Dress

If it's a wonderful Roald Dahl Costume you are after then look no further ! We have a Whoopsy wiffling selection for you to choose from . Roald Dahl was a famous Author he has written many great books appealing to both children and adults of all ages . Some of which have been turned into films so there are not many people who cannot name at least one Roald Dahl character. So who do you wish to be ? Perhaps you fancy yourself as being a funny character like The BFG himself, especially with the recent film adaptation . You can have fun practicing The BFG's funny words like Gloriumptious and Phizzwizzards. What about Willy Wonka ... a lovely bright costume and the perfect excuse to carry a bar of Chocolate .Or be a Classic smooth Character like the Fantastic Mr. Fox . He looks very smart indeed! Girls, you could be Matilda with those hidden Magical powers . Or perhaps Miss. Trunchbull if you fancy being a touch horrid for the day . All you would need to do is tie your hair in a bun and keep those leg warmers baggy . All of which are perfect for any fancy dress occasion but especially when we celebrate Roald Dahls Birthday and the ever growing World Book Day .